Confidence Through Meditation

During one of my recent daily meditation practices, I experienced heightened senses of awareness and vibrations. Every cell in my body felt stimulated, and each of my limbs stretched out to touch every corner of room. I can recall feeling tall and seeing myself through my third eye, hovering above my meditation space. When I experience these types of senses from within, my confidence elevates, and I profoundly believe that I can achieve my dreams and desires. Perhaps the best way to describe these meditation sessions are as euphoric. I’ve often heard and read about other meditators experiencing such feelings from within during isolated meditation practices. Some are even overcome with tears—tears of joy and/or tears of letting go of whatever pain may be troubling them at the time, sometimes both.
When I reach these levels in a meditation practice, I often leave the space more aware and focus more than usual. I feel grateful and confident, like anything is possible. My openness and acceptance to life is in tune. In this renewed state, my purpose is clearer. The simple act of washing dishes is more pleasurable, as there is a great sense of joy even in doing the most mundane tasks. In fact, it is through these mundane tasks that I am able to reaffirm the feelings experienced within during the twenty to thirty minute meditation practices. The confirmation comes, and I am able to be present during my walking life where the benefits of meditation take place.
The connection one experiences with nature in this euphoric meditation cannot be understated either. My bond with nature is stronger, and I am ever so grateful to share the same space as the trees, clouds, grass and wind. This heightened sense of awareness can often carry me throughout the entire day, and sometimes into the next day or two.

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